hinoki LAB ヒノキラボ

hinokiLab was established in 1985 to promote sustainable forestry of the Japanese endemic tree Hinoki.

To produce the finest essential oils we use hand-selected, sustainably sourced hinoki in Okayama, Japan.

We value purity and consciousness. 

 hinoki lab


science × evidence

Research and development are the core of what we do.  We conduct researches with Okayama University and third party laboratories to deepen our awareness of botanics and the plants ability to promote well being.  We are continuously discovering the beauty and benefits of hinoki and other species of the Japanese flora.

social commitment

hinokiLAB is aware of the impact of our business on society and the environment. Through our products and activities, we seek to foster sustainable development and bring positiveness in the community.



Our essential oil production is located in the Shinjo Village, Japan, where we work closely with the community to bring social and economic development and contribute to protecting the forests.


shinjo village temple
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